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Christian Religious Education in the ACT

The ACT Churches’ Council recognises that the Education Act 2004 affirms the place of Christian Religious Education (CRE) in government schools.


Section 29 of the current ACT Government Education Act 2004:

29              Religious education

(1)   If parents of children at a government school ask the principal for their children to receive religious education in a particular religion, the principal must ensure that reasonable time is allowed for their children’s religious education in that religion.


Parents may place a request for Christian Religious Education by speaking to their school principal or by filling in the ‘Join The ACTion’ CRE brochure available at their school, via the CRE Coordinator, or Online HERE .


CRE in ACT are developing a new model for CRE this year that consists of 4 sessions (one for each term) that rotates small groups of students through educational ‘investigation stations’. Each rotation requires approximately one hour and is most suited to a school hall. For more information, CLICK HERE for the information leaflet or contact Karen Baron (CRE Coordinator) – 02 6230 5155;  crecoord@bigpond.com .


ACT Legislation link: www.det.act.gov.au/teaching_and_learning/curriculum_programs/religious_education


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