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On the Way Together

21 April 2009 No Comment

pencilsA Children’s Ministry Policy

On The Way Together has been developed in consultation with the Uniting Church in Australia Synod’s consultants and Committees on Ministry with Children. 

On The Way Together policy workbook is recommended to the congregations and Councils of the Uniting Church in Australia by Uniting Education, the Assembly (national) agency for Christian education.

On The Way Together revises and updates Children and Your Church — a policy for action adopted by UCA Synods in 1989.

This policy workbook invites congregations and faith communities to respond positively to developments that have taken place in the Uniting Church and the wider community.

How to use this workbook

The book includes a statement of policy as well as opportunities for catching a vision of renewed ministry with children. It also has various exercises to help people at all levels in the Uniting Church work out for themselves the implications of the policy and the vision.

Pages 8-13 provide some background material that help us understand the issues surrounding children’s ministry in our church. These include Bible teaching, listening together, exploring our history and witness, opportunities for sharing together our understanding of what it means to include children in the life of the church.

These pages are essential if more specific processes are to be effective.

Pages 14-21 focus on congregations and local church communities. This is where the day to day life of the church occurs; this is where the policy takes flesh. A series of exercises and working sessions helps congregations understand the policy statements, how these ideals make sense in the local situation; what steps are being taken or will be taken to translate the visions into a reality.

Pages 22-27 consider the implications of the policy statements for other decision makers in the church — Presbyteries, Synods and the Assembly.

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