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Car Park Parables – Old Mr T and Friends

28 July 2009 2 Comments

Car Park Parables – Old Mr. T and Friends
Author: Paul & Russell Clark


The DVD contains 5 stories with animated pictures. In the tradition of the early Thomas the Tank Engine.

It’s Sunday and the cars in the church car park are bored, wondering why they have to come here every Sunday morning. Then a voice from the shadows offers to tell them the stories being told in the church. “Would you like to hear them?” asks Old Mr T. “On one condition,” the other cars reply…Short enough to be used in Worship for the children’s address, long enough for home. The stories follow a group of cars who are transformed as they hear the stories of Jesus.

So begins the adventures of Car Park Parables. A delightful collection of stories that Jesus told, but with a twist – cars are the characters!

Written especially for young boys more interested in cars than bedtime stories, they will delight boys and girls of all ages.

This DVD features animated photos from the books with narration by the author Paul Clark and special guest Gordon Burley (Shepherd of the Outback) as the voice of Old Mr T. Great for home, Children’s ministry and Worship.

  • Old Mr T. (Luke 13:18-21). How it all Began. 5 min
  • The Prodigal Pick-up (Luke 15:11-32). 8:30 sec
  • The Good Ford (Luke 10:25-37). 7 mins
  • The Missing Motorcycle (Luke 15:1-7). 6:45 sec
  • Issi’s Baptism (Romans 6:1-5). A Baptism Story. 5 min

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You can sneak a peek at YouTube


  • Sally Freeman said:

    Fantastic – great idea to connect to the kids.
    If you do any behaviour ones – please let me know so I can use them in my school.

  • Paul Clark said:

    A second DVD is at the replicators now and will be available Sept 2012 – Christmas, David & Goliath and a bunch of other stories, a couple that might fit the bill for you Sally.