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14 July 2009 2 Comments

Saying a prayer or “grace” before meals is a family faith practice that teaches your children to give thanks to God every day. We encourage you to try these graces and tell us about the impact on your family.

Thanks to Neena Evans and her family for contributing these graces. If you would like to share a grace, let us know in the comments or email us!

Graces we use – Authors Unknown

We will we will Praise Him

Tune: We will We will Rock you
Rhythm: Stomp Stomp Clap Stomp Stomp Clap
Author – Unknown

Jesus is a cool dude,
Forty days without food
Livin’ His life by the golden rule
He died in our place
Amazing Grace
Spreading His love all over the place.
Singin’ we will we will Praise Him Amen
Singin’We will we will Praise Him Amen.

Superman Grace

Tune: Superman Theme

Thank You God
For giving us Food
Thank you God
For Giving us food
For the food we eat
And the friends we meet
Thank you God
For Giving us food
Woosh …. Amen

God is Great Grace

God is great
God is good
And we thank Him for our food
We’re gonna thank him
Morning, noon and night
We’re gonna thank you Lord
Cause you’re outta sight
Amen (clap clap)Amen (clap clap) Amen (clap, clap, clap)

Graces we’ve made up to popular tunes

Gods the Greatest

Tune : Bob the Builder

Gods the greatest! Do we love Him?
Gods the Greatest! Yes we do!
Whenever we’re Hungry, whenever we thirst.
God fills us up till we almost burst!
Thankyou God for being so great.
Help us enjoy what’s on our plate.
Gods the greatest! Do we love Him?
Gods the Greatest! Yes we do!

What About Me? (Grace)

Tune: What about me.

What about me? I’ve lots to eat.
I’m here with my friends
And it’s such a treat.
Can’t you see? He cares for me.
My God cares so much for me!
Please don’t take more than you need!
Thankyou God.

We’re here down by the River (Grace)

Tune : You make me feel like a river sung by Casey Chambers

We’re here down by the river
Where the water swiftly flows
I wanna shout it out from the mountains
Wanna sing it on the radio
I wanna thankyou for my dinner
O how we love you so oooo
We love you so oooo

Humpty Dumpty Grace

Tune: Humpty Dumpty

Thankyou God for giving us food
God you are a really cool dude
For families, for friends and gifts from above
We thankyou, please help us to share your love. Amen

Lovin’ Lord Grace

Tune: Mamma Mia

Chorus: Lovin’ Lord, Here we are again
My My, Great Food we can’t resist it
Lovin’ Lord, Here we are again
My My, Looks good don’t want to miss it
Oooh we long to praise you
Especially for camp stew
Thank you – God for givin’ us this food
Oooh we praise you further
For a great hamburger
Thank you – God for givin’ us this food
Amen Aaaaamen.

Better than life

Tune: Better than life – Hillsong

Better than hot chips from the café,
Better than pies from the baker shop,
Better than choc-o-lates or coke,
that’s just the start.
Better than McDonalds or Hungry Jacks,
Better than pizza or ice creams,
Better than lunches from the canteen
Your love is,
Thank you God for this food
in Jesus name Amen


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  • Sue Taylor said:

    Just read your cllection of “graces”. What a hoot!! Just the stuff for meals after Messy Church.