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First Aid in Church

1 September 2009 No Comment

whats-upThe following is an article extracted from the Aug 2009 Issue of  ‘What’s Up?’,  A newsletter created by the Synod of SA for people in ministry with children and their families. The article raises some good questions that can guide you in providing a safe place for children.

What’s Up?

Mary Jo recently attended a First Aid course run by St John. It turned out to be an enjoyable, non threatening, and helpful experience. And it got her musing. In our duty of care for children in our churches:

Ø       Do I know who among our regular attendees is qualified to administer first aid or CPR?

Ø       Should there be a list posted prominently so ushers/stewards and Sunday school leaders know who to call on?

Ø       Is someone with this training present at all events involving children?

Ø       Do we have an adequate first aid kit? Do all our Sunday school (kids club, playgroup) leaders know where it is?

Ø       Do we understand that where parents/carers attend an activity with their children, they have primary duty of care for their child in the case of an accident or injury but if parents are not present, it is our responsibility?

Ø       Do we always know how to contact parents when they leave their children with us?

Ø       Do we know of any medical conditions of the children that need ongoing monitoring or that might impact on the first aid administered in case of an emergency?

Ø       Is there a phone available at all times for ringing 000 in case of an emergency?

Ø       When did we last do an assessment of the building and surrounds to spot potential hazards? Have we dealt adequately with these hazards?

Ø       When did our leaders and First Aid officers last browse through the Uniting Church of SA’s Called to Care document? Has everyone acted to fulfil their responsibilities? Have I fulfilled my responsibilities?


If any of this resonates with you. If you are already doing some of the things suggested or have other ideas, please let us know at the Resource Centre, so we can pass on your ideas to other What’s Up readers. rccfm@bigpond.com













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