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An Ethics Course in NSW Primary Schools?

6 October 2009 No Comment

Creative Commons photo by mamako7070There has been a surprising amount of media coverage concerning the proposal to trial a 10 week ethics course in 7 primary schools. The course is designed by the St James Ethics Centre and is supported by the P&C executive. If the trial is successful, it is intended that an ethics course would become an option in the SRE timeslot, reducing the numbers in non-SRE groups. The decision about whether the trial goes ahead lies with the Department of Education and Training.

In covering the issue a lot has been said in the media about ICCOREIS and its position on the ethics course. ICCOREIS is concerned about the effect that the ethics course may have on SRE, but much of what has been said in the media has been biased and, at times, untrue.

To read what ICCOREIS actually says about the St James Ethics Centre Course, go to https://www.iccoreis.asn.au/news.htm

To read more about the St James Ethics Centre proposal, go to https://www.ethics.org.au/

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