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Bible stories for children

26 April 2010 One Comment

There are so many good Christian books and versions of the Bible available that it can be hard to know which one to choose for your child or grandchild. Or perhaps you work with children, teach children at Sunday school or a kids’ club and are not sure which Bible to use when storytelling. Also there are some churches that give a Bible to each child at their baptism, and depending on the age of the child and the church budget, that can be a difficult decision.

Here are some suggestions and your ideas and feedback would be appreciated.

For babies:

Baby Blessings Bible by Alice Joyce Davidson

A board book with removable soft cover. Brightly coloured and textured, so babies can look, hold, chew, taste and get to know this Bible. A great gift at baptism because it is likely to be read and enjoyed by the family and not put on a shelf to gather dust.

For young children:

The Little Children’s Bible retold by Anne de Graaf and published by Scandinavia Publishing House

A charming version of many Bible stories with things to do that help children relate to the story.  For example at the beginning of Genesis when God changed the darkness into light, it suggests turning the light off and on again. When Mary is visited by an angel, it invites children to close their eyes and hold their breath and imagine an angel standing next to their bed. Or when talking about the fact that nothing is more important than the love of God, to hug someone you love.

Scripture Unions

The Big Bible Storybook by Maggie Barfield contains 188 Bible stories to read with young children.

Another good one is The Big Picture Story Bible by David Helm.

Zondervan have recently published a version of the Bible for children called Jesus Storybook Bible: Every Story Whispers His Name by Sally Lloyd-Jones and they also have Faithgirlz and The Adventure Bible for older children in backpack versions.

For children who are learning to read there is the Learn to Read Bible for Rocket Readers by Paul Bellet. For children who are visual learners try The Lion Graphic Bible and for older children the Comic Book Bible and Manga Bible.There are a range of magazine format Bibles (Biblezines) for different age groups including preteens and these make good graduation presents for primary age children starting high school: Blossom for girls and Magnify for boys, and Refuel for teen boys and Revolve for teen girls.

Of course most children now get information from a computer screen and so the Sandbible.com website and the Zondervan Jesus Storybook Bible are available on line. The Children’s Animated Bible is available as two DVDs.

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