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NSW Child Protection Legislation Changes and New, Interactive Working with Children Check Website

19 April 2010 No Comment

The NSW Commission for Children and Young People has recently launched a new, interactive working with children check website with updated information to reflect new laws with respect to working with children and young people. The new website follows a question and answer format to help people understand the requirements for the many varied volunteer/employment situations, as well as providing information for parents.The main practical change for volunteers is that the existing child protection declaration for working with young people 0-18 years – the Prohibited Employment Declaration also known as an ‘Attachment 4’ or ‘PED’ – has been replaced by a Volunteer/Student Declaration. The Volunteer/Student Declaration is available from www.kids.nsw.gov.au/check and is designed to be completed online and then printed for signing.

For those who have already completed an ‘Attachment 4/PED’ for their current volunteer position, it remains valid*, but for a new volunteer (from the 31st March 2010) the new Volunteer/Student Declaration* will need to be completed.

Another major change is that volunteers who mentor disadvantaged young people or provide for individual personal care for disabled young people now need consent to a ‘working with children check’ via an Applicant Declaration and Consent, instead of just signing the Volunteer/Student Declaration.

We encourage you to check out the new NSW Commission for Children and Young People website (www.kids.nsw.gov.au/check) which is now easier to navigate and provides ready access to further information and the forms mentioned above.

*Volunteers providing more intimate personal care will need to complete the new Applicant Declaration and Consent to continue to meet the requirements.

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