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10th National Biblical Storytelling Gathering

6 July 2010 No Comment

Stories, Stories, Everywhere…

Where: Nunyara Conference Centre, Belaire,  Adelaide
When: 24th – 26th September 2010

The Core activity of the Network of Biblical Story Tellers is telling the sacred stories of the biblical tradition in post-literate electronic culture. This core activity is rooted in a communal process of internalisation through scholarly inquiry and prayer. We encourage varieties of expression and presentation of the sacred stories in oral, written and electronic communication systems.

 Who Could Attend? Lay or ordained people, Christian educators, in schools and churches from all denominations/traditions, people interested in story whether experienced or not.

Keynote speaker:

Steve Taylor is a minister with the Baptist Church in New Zealand, currently serving in the Uniting Church as Director of Missiology at Uniting College for Leadership & Theology, Adelaide. For Steve, the theme of this weekend captures the way that we are all storied people in our lives, in our experiences of God and in the Bible as the story of others’ experiences. In the Keynote addresses, Steve will tell

Stories from Mark that he has reimagined for today, and reflect on the process of understanding, interpreting, and telling the gospel stories in a current context. In Steve’s workshop participants will explore the craft of storytelling as it applies to telling our own story -­‐ how do we identify the beginning, middle and end of the story we wish to tell of our experiences or our faith, so as to communicate the meaning we have discovered? Through Steve’s insights on Mark coupled with our epic telling of Matthew, our engagement with the gospel stories will be enlivened, and our telling of them enriched.

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