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Family advent ideas

5 December 2010 No Comment

Advent Treasure Hunt

If you have a nativity scene, this is easy but you can make your own figures from cardboard tubes.  Wrap the pieces in tissue paper and hide them around the house.  Create a treasure map either by drawing a map or creating clues (for example: This animal was surprised to find a baby where its breakfast should have been.  Now it is to be found where you get breakfast.  The donkey is hidden in the breakfast cereal cupboard.

This is great fun for a family, and older children enjoy helping prepare the clues. The nativity scene can be put together and the story shared.

Advent Story Box

In a decorative box, bowl or jar, put verses of the Christmas story from the Bible – I like the  story as told in Luke 1 and 2.  Print it out using red, green and white paper and cut the verses into small strips.  Fold or roll them up and put them into the container in the middle of the table.  Take turns as a family to pull out a verse and read it out loud and guess where in the story it fits in.  These can then be stuck onto a magnetic whiteboard or the fridge or some cardboard to make the whole story during Advent.  On Christmas Eve or Christmas Day you can read the whole wonderful story together!

Advent Chain

Using red and green and white paper, create a chain with 25 loops, or however many days there are until Christmas.  Each day a loop can come off as you say a prayer – on red links say a thank you prayer, on green links pray for others, on white links, pray for your family.

This can also be done in reverse, with a link being added each day and a prayer.

Advent Fridge Calendar 1

Day 1  Make (or purchase) an Advent Wreath. Make a circle using playdough, plasticine or real branches from a gum tree or pine tree.  Decorate with gum nuts and seed pods.  Add 4 candles (HOPE, PEACE, JOY and LOVE) around the edge and put one big one (CHRIST candle) in the middle.  Light one candle – the HOPE candle and write down something you hope for and talk about your hopes as a family. (see www.whychristmas.com for lots of ideas about Advent and Christmas)

Day 2  Read Luke 2:14  and make a dove decoration and hang it in the house.

Day 3  Make some Christmas cards  https://www.kidscraftweekly.com/simple_cards_issue.html

Day 4  Make a list of the wonderful things God has given you and your family and be thankful

Day 5  Do something to help someone without being asked.

Day 6  Make some Christmas food to share – like biscuits, sweets, cakes or chocolates) – see edible Christmas story

Day 7  Sing a Christmas song together (Christmas karaoke on https://tistheseasonto.be/)

Day 8  Light the HOPE and the PEACE candles. Pray for peace in your family, neighbourhood and country.

Day 9  Make and hang an angel decoration. Read Luke 1:28-38

Day 10  Decorate some plain paper to make Christmas wrapping paper (https://www.artistshelpingchildren.org/)

Day 11  Pray for people who don’t know the true meaning of Christmas

Day 12  Make a Christmas paper chain using red, green and gold paper..

Day 13  Ring a friend or write a Christmas email.

Day 14  Make a star decoration and hang it up. Read Matthew 2:1-12

Day 15  Light the HOPE, PEACE and JOY candles.  Spread some joy by smiling at everyone you meet.

Day 16  Make a nativity scene and read Luke 2:1-7

Day 17  Go outside at night and look at the stars and imagine following a star.

Day 18  Make a present for someone you love.( www.enchantedlearning.com/crafts/)

Day 19  Write Christmas cards to your neighbours

Day 20  Donate a Christmas gift to charity. (UnitingCare have a GivingTree and other charities like the Salvos are at most large shopping centres)

Day 21  Look at some old family photos

Day 22 Light the HOPE, PEACE, JOY and LOVE candles. Thank God for each member of your family.

Day 23  Make a Christmas poster to decorate a room.

Day 24  Read a favourite Christmas story.

Day 25  Light all the candles and the Christ candle.  Thank God for sending Jesus to us.  Read Luke 2:1-20

Alternative Advent calendar

Download the alternative Advent calendar – 250kb Word document

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