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Last minute Mother’s Day ideas!

2 May 2011 No Comment

Something yummy to eat

If you can make some simple biscuits or know someone who can, this is a great idea.

Prepare a batch of heart shaped plain biscuits (eg shortbreads) for children to decorate. They will love to ice them and sprinkle them and give them to their mothers as a gift.

Older children love ‘writing icing’, coloured icing in tubes that can be squeezed out, and it isn’t as messy as most icing experiences. There are lots of colourful sprinkles available from hundreds and thousands or stars, flowers or rainbow choc chips. Older children might also like to try to make a marshmallow cup with life saver handle, but these don’t transport easily.

Younger children love to dip a popstick into creamy icing and can usually manage to spread it and sprinkle it – mothers appreciate the effort even if the result is a little messy.

Put the biscuits into a clear cellophane bag or a little noodle box if they are being taken home as a gift.

A heart says “I love you”

Sticky heart shaped paper notes can be bought at supermarkets or newsagents, and these can be stuck together to make a gift card or stuck onto other paper for a bigger card.

Planting seeds of love

Make a card for mum by printing off these words and attaching a packet of seeds inside.

Download the files: Mothers Day Card PDF file | Mothers Day Card Word Document


A perennial favourite for mothers is a handprint – easy to do on a paper plate, and you can stick this poem on the bottom and tie it with a ribbon ready to hang on the wall.

My Hand

This is my hand.
My hand will do
A 1000 loving things with you
And you will remember
When I am tall…
That once my hand
Was just this small.

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