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Playtime Conference Review

15 June 2011 One Comment

On Tuesday 7th June, more than 70 people came to share in the Playtime Conference. Key note speaker Mike Frost challenged playgroup leaders to not think of their groups as existing to ‘build up the church’, but instead to proclaim the true mission of the church, to alert people to the reign of God through Christ. Despite competition from some vocal babies, all were inspired by Mike’s stories and teaching.

These were the sort of questions we wrestled with:

  • As a dad, what would I learn about the reign of God from playgroup?
  • Why do people come to Playgroup… and why do they come back?
  • Where is God at Playgroup? How can you tell?

After a superb lunch (thanks to the amazing catering efforts of Yvette and her mum), people had the opportunity to choose two workshops, with titles like Music at Playgroup, Grant Writing and Fundraising, Managing Challenging Behaviours, Baby Playgroup, Craft at Playgroup and Evangelism Unpacked it was a hard choice.

Kathy Blazewicz had travelled from Adelaide to share her expertise in music playgroups and baby playgroups. Lots of playgroups had sent a couple of people and so could spread their options. The feedback from participants was encouraging – “Great”, “Wonderful”, “Brilliant”, “Inspirational”, “Practical”, “Thought-Provoking” – and another Playtime Conference is already being planned for 2012.

Download Workshop Notes

Grants and Fundraising – Judyth Roberts

Christian Crafts – Judyth Roberts

Baby Playgroups – Kathryn Blazewicz

Music and Preschoolers – Kathryn Blazewicz

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  • Angela holmes said:

    Thank you to all involved. Wonderful time meeting and sharing ideas with other playgroup/playtime people – invaluable. Mike Frost was very encouraging and inspiring, really enjoyed Judyth – very helpful and informative, food was fabulous, I was made to feel very welcome by everyone – am looking very forward to the next one and will be encouraging others to come along too. Keep up the great work – and yay, go God – how neat to have the privelege of seeing Him use these people and their experiences to bless so many others.