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Inquiry into NSW Special Ethics Education Report Published

7 September 2012 No Comment

In August 2011, a Members Bill was put before the NSW parliament recommending the amendment of legislation which allowed Special Ethics Education (SEE) classes to be available in SRE time. The Bill generated an inquiry into SEE which was carried out during February and March 2012.

A comprehensive report has been written out of the inquiry including 14 recommendations. The decision about which recommendations will be endorsed by the Government will be made by 30/11/2012.

Some of these recommendations also refer to SRE, particularly No 14 which recommends a review of both SRE and SEE in 2014 – 2015. Others of interest are Recommendation 4 which calls on providers to list curriculum materials on their website, Recommendation  9  which requires information about what training is available for SRE teachers and Recommendation 11 which suggests fact sheets on SRE and SEE for parents.


Download the Final Report, Education Amendment (Ethics Classes Repeal) Bill 2011 HERE.
Alternatively, you can view the 14 recommendations HERE.

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