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Father’s Day Ideas

9 August 2015 No Comment

The first Sunday in September is Father’s Day! Here are some simple ideas for children to make a small gift for the special men in their lives – maybe their Dad, their Grandpa, an uncle, a brother.

Dad’s Survival Kit

A fun surprise for a father or grandfather needing a lift!


Take a clear plastic or cellophane bag and put in:

  • a packet of Smarties
  • a Time Out bar
  • a sherbet lolly or packet
  • a red, green or chocolate frog
  • a banana lolly
  • a Mintie

Print out the Survival Kit instructions on bright paper and attach it to bag.

Survival Kit

Rations to help you in times of stress

Mintie – for one of those ‘moments’
Sherbet – for when you lose your fizz
Banana – for when you’re going around the bend
Frog – to keep one jump ahead
Time Out – for when you need it
Smarties – for when you need to be extra smart!

Father’s Day Star Biscuit


Make some large star shaped plain biscuits, at least one for each child. I usually make some smaller ones for children to practice on, and then they can make the larger one as a gift for Dad.

Provide children with paper plates and a pop stick. Let each child decorate their biscuits. You can provide icing mixture and sprinkles or use the icing tubes from the supermarket that minimise mess. There are a variety of toppings including rainbow choc chips, silver cachous, mini-marshmallows to allow children to create their own masterpiece.

When the biscuits have dried, place them in a cellophane bag and tie with a curling ribbon. Attach a card saying “You’re a star Dad!”

A Tie for Dad or Grandpa

Cut out a large cardboard tie (or bowtie) and punch small holes at the top. Decorate with collage or stickers or paint. Thread thin elastic through holes so it can be worn.

Father’s Day Hug

Get long strips of paper (from a brown paper roll or cash register roll tape) and measure each child’s arms stretched out.

Then get each child to trace around their hand on a double folded sheet of coloured paper. Cut out hand shapes and attach to ends of strip of paper with tape.

On the strip of paper write “Hugs for Father’s Day, love from …” These can be folded in an envelope which can be decorated with star stickers and given (or posted) to someone special.

 Other Ideas

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