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Safety and Protection

The Uniting Church affirms that all people are made in the image of God. The Uniting Church commits itself to the care, protection and safety of all people with whom it comes in contact. As a community of faith, we are committed to providing a safe environment for both children and adults to encounter God, to develop relationships as part of a community and to grow in faith.

Congregations and their members who work with children and young people in the Uniting Church play important parts not only in the support, care, and spiritual nourishment of the next generations, but in actively looking out for their safety and protection.

This website aims to provide essential and easy to understand information for congregations to help establish and maintain safe church practices. This includes resource documents about safety and protection for children and young people, templates and sample policies and forms for congregations, information about upcoming Safe Church Awareness Workshops, and contact details of who to contact if you need further information or can’t find what you are looking for.

Below are a series of links to take you to other sections of this Safety and Protection site. You can also access these from the drop down menu that at the top of all internal pages.

A Safe Place for Children
[NOTE: this material is currently being updated]
A Safe Place for Children and On the Way Together – Policy Workbook were developed by the Uniting Church Assembly to support people within the Uniting Church who are working with children and young people, through church-based activities, SRE and regional and national events and those responsible for managing physical spaces where children and young people will be present.
PDF versions of these documents are available via the above title links.

SCTA Safe Church Awareness Workshops
More information about the SCTA (Safe Church Training Agreement) Safe Church Awareness Workshops. Includes links to the training dates page and the National Council of Churches SCTA unit website.

ONLINE REGISTRATION for SCTA Safe Church Workshops
Follow this link if you would like to register electronically for one of the Safe Church Workshops hosted by Uniting Churches.

Forms and Templates
Looking for a child protection volunteer declaration? Activity permission form? Code of conduct? This page contains all those helpful forms and templates for congregational use. There is an expectation that activities and events organised by the Uniting Church will utilise indemnity forms. A template indemnity form and other relevant forms follow the above link to Forms and Templates.

Upcoming Training Dates
This page gives you information about upcoming SCTA Safe Church Awareness Workshops, Workshop Presenter Training and who to contact if you would like to arrange training near you.

Helpful Links
Links to different support agencies and other useful sites regarding child safety and protection.


Any additional queries about how this affects your congregation should be directed to Emma Parr, SRE and Child (Vulnerable Persons) Protection Coordinator:

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