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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
about Safe Church Awareness Workshops

What does SCTA mean?

SCTA stands for Safe Church Training Agreement and can refer either to the agreement between multiple groups and denominations to provide a uniformly high standard of safety and protection awareness training; or the department within the National Council of Churches Australia that overseas the Safe Church Training Agreement.


I have previously completed Child Protection training with the UCA…

If you have completed the previous ‘child protection and appropriate behaviour’ workshop that was run from 2007-2010, you will need to update to the SCTA training when you are due for refresher (after 3 years).

The last Safe Church/Child Protection workshop I attended was with another denomination…

If you attended a safe church/child protection workshop through another denomination, it is recommended that you check whether this was an SCTA (Safe Church Training Agreement) endorsed workshop. If you have completed an SCTA endorsed workshop in the past 3 years, you are eligible to attend the SCTA refresher course when you are due for refresher (after 3 years). As the SCTA courses have only been running for 3 years there are only a few refresher courses available through the Baptist Union and the Anglican Diocese of Canberra/Goulburn.

If I attend a workshop run by another denomination, how can I obtain information about relevant UCA policies?

If you attend an SCTA workshop run by another denomination, you can obtain information about the relevant UCA policies by contacting Emma Parr (02 8267 4381 / EmmaP@nswact.uca.org.au) or by visiting the ‘Safety and Protection’ page of the Synod Children’s Ministry website: www.childrensministry.org.au .

What if I have completed child protection modules through work?

We are aware some people undertake child protection units through various organisations in the course of their work. The Safe Church Awareness course is unique in that it looks at safety and protection issues for children and other vulnerable people in the context of church ministries. It is important to have a grasp of these issues in the church context so it is recommended that all involved in these ministries in the church participate.


How can I find out when and where Safe Church workshops are being held?

You can find out when and where upcoming Safe Church Workshops are being held via the ‘Safety and Protection’ page of www.childrensministry.org.au . This contains listings of workshops hosted atUnitingChurches as well as a full calendar of workshops from all SCTA endorsed providers. Information on upcoming workshops is also sent through Presbytery Secretaries when workshops are confirmed in their area.


How can I arrange a workshop at my church?

Workshops are generally arranged for groups of congregations in an area so it might be a good first step to see who else in your area is looking for training.

If you are interested in being a host church, you will need to nominate a liaison person and assist with organising the running of the workshop on the day. Further information on this can be provided to interested congregations.

How often do I need to participate in a workshop (Refresher timing)?

The Safe Church Awareness Workshops are run as a basic/introduction course (5-6 hours), with a refresher course (2.5-3 hours) to be completed every 3 years.

What is a Safe Church Contact Person (SCCP)?

It is recommended by the Synod that every congregation nominates a Safe Church Contact Person. This contact person would have a two-fold role in disseminating information about changes in legislation and procedures for child and vulnerable persons protection and also arranging for pastoral care if situations arise in the church.

Given the delicate nature of the issues involved, this contact person would need to be someone of sincere pastoral sensitivity, and at least some knowledge of safety and protection issues (which can be built upon by participating in the training as soon as practical).  More information on the role of a SCCP is available via the safety and protection webpage.


How many people do we need to hold a workshop?

The Safe Church Awareness Workshops are generally presented in a central location for a group of congregations in an area. The size of a workshop can range from 20 -50, however we will make allowances for regional and rural areas where this may not be possible.

How much does it cost to attend a workshop?

To attend a workshop we ask for a contribution of $20 per person, which can be paid by a participant’s congregation or by the participant. In most cases, these fees are collected on the day of the workshop by the host church registrar, and then the host church is invoiced for the total of the workshop.


Can I become an SCTA Workshop Presenter? (Train-the-Trainer)

The mission of the SCTA is to endorse quality safe church training. As such there is a thorough process to train to become a SCTA workshop presenter which integrates mentoring and support through this process and beyond.
The process involves:

1)     Applying to become a SCTA workshop presenter
(incl. referees & a recommendation)

2)     Attending an SCTA workshop as an official observer

3)     Participating in an SCTA 3-day presenter induction training

4)     Co-presenting at least two workshops with an SCTA endorsed presenter

5)     Being affirmed by your own denomination as a quality presenter

6)     Presenting a workshop with an SCTA unit observer for endorsement by the SCTA unit as a quality presenter

For more information on training to become a workshop presenter, please contact Emma Parr (02 8267 4381 / EmmaP@nswact.uca.org.au)


Do I need to register to attend a workshop? What details are needed to register?

Yes, you will need to register to attend a Safe Church Awareness Workshop. This helps make sure that enough workshop manuals and other materials are available on the day and that workshops are not over-crowded for the venue.

To register for a Safe Church Workshop you will need to provide the following details for each participant: Name, Congregation, Suburb of residence, role in congregation, and email address (if available). For larger groups we have a bulk registration sheet that can be completed and returned via email.

You can register via the online registration page www.childrensministry.org.au (under the ‘Safety and Protection’ tab. You can also register via email (EmmaP@nswact.uca.org.au) or phone (02 8267 4381).

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