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Celebrating SRE in your local church

Whether your local church has SRE teachers, or perhaps helps supports an inter-denominational program, or prayful upholds the ministry of SRE, now is the time to think about how we can celebrate and commission SRE ministry (and any other special minsitries your congregation would like to uphold) and the faithful volunteers and workers who make it all happen.

ICCOREIS (Inter-Church Commission on Religious Education in Schools) has compiled from it’s members some resources that could be helpful if you were to plan a special service celebrating SRE ministry. There are more things in this bundle than you would have time to use in one service so you can pull out what will suit your congregation.

SRE Sunday Resource Pack  from ICCOREIS

If you’ve had another brilliant idea and would be willing to share it, please let us know so we can passon some new ideas throughout the year and into next year!

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