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Connecting with School Communities

In addition to SRE or CRE, there are a variety of ways that local individuals and congregations can connect with school communities – showing you care about the school and community not just your own church. Some existing opportunities may include: Parents & Citizens Associations, assisting with reading groups, and canteen helpers.

Additional opportunities can also be sort out, including things like lunchtime groups and mentoring programs, such as Kids Hope Australia.

In offering to help in a school community it is important that we  seek out, respect and comply with any policies and procedure around being a volunteer in that school. This is the first step in building a mutually respectful and positive relationship with the schools community – students, teachers, parents, principal, and support staff.

Some other avenues you may wish to explore:

 Kids Hope Mentoring Program 

Chaplaincy for the school community through the National Schools Chaplaincy & Student Welfare Program

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